About me

Hi. My name is Tom Corbett.

I'm a 25-year-old creative chap from Kent, obsessed with responsive, responsible design.

Last day at HAWKES Architecture Ltd.

I graduated with BArch (Hons) in Architecture from the University of Nottingham in July 2011.

I currently work as Lead Designer⁄Developer at Rook, and as Front-End Web Developer for Halsbury Travel. Get in touch if you have an idea you'd like to talk about.

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On the roof at Wings, Horsmonden, with Phil Simpson of Hawkes Architecture The HAWKES team, 2012

Following my graduation from the University of Nottingham, I spent a year as Part I Architectural Assistant at HAWKES Architecture Ltd.

In their own words, “HAWKES Architecture design inspirational sustainable buildings that respond sensitively to the individual needs of every client and every site.” Perhaps their most famous project is the Crossway PassivHaus, featured on Grand Designs and subsequently celebrated as one of Kevin McCloud’s 10 Grandest Designs.

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But I'm not just about architecture…

…I also found a passion for web design whilst at university.

I have developed it since, and as a self-taught and self-motivated designer/developer, I have been able to welcome new challenges, technologies and ideas in free-lance and personal projects alike.

I am proud of the knowledge and ability I’e gained in this field, and would love to hear about creative opportunities within it, from blog redecorating to professional experience.

I then experimented further in all kinds of visual media.


Above is the cover of Wintermachine’s debut album, and just an example of the band artwork projects I’e enthusiastically taken part in.

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Running the Virgin London Marathon 2012.

Off the drawing board, my proudest achievement to date is running the Marathon.

On 22nd April 2012 I ran the Virgin London Marathon — 26.4 gruelling miles around the City — to raise money for and awareness of Diabetes UK. Putting my body on the line was a symbolic thanks to the charity, for being instrumental in keeping it healthy since my diagnosis with Type 1 in Sep 2001 — and thankfully, kind donations made it a financial thank-you present too.

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Now you know me a little, send me an email or follow me on Twitter so we can chat more!