Urban Manufacturing

November 2012

Canal-level entrance

Our aim was to investigate the variance in worth - both monetary and social - that occurs over the lifetime of an everyday object. We aimed to deconstruct the processes involved in reporting the news, printing money and weaving clothing by questioning the traditional materials and methods used, by adapting the context, and by reassessing the role of the bespoke in all three. By providing spaces for public interaction with our discoveries, we sought to return some of these processes' lost relevance, and ultimately better the social cohesion of the City of Nottingham.

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Rail/tank section

Newspaper delivery system

Newspaper delivery system

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The canal-side site was investigated more in the canal footfall study project.

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Trinity Mirror Publishing Ltd.

Initial research into the large-scale printing process was undertaken at the Birmingham site for Trinity Mirror Publishing Ltd., printer of the Nottingham Evening Post and Daily Mail, amongst other publications.

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