September 2014

Lectures screenshot

With detailed instruction on aesthetic being provided by the band, this ultra-minimal one-page site was created as part of the promotional drive for Lectures' 2014 single ‘Talking In A Vacuum’.

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Centered around the single's video by Dow Panyawong, I embellished the desired details, social links and CTAs of the site with colours from the accompanying artwork (itself a still from the video), bringing them alive with CSS3 gradients and transitions.

End of intro


Lectures screenshot Lectures screenshot

Left: Lane used as body copy.
Right: The implemented substitution, Roboto.

During development, it was discovered that while the specified font - Lane - worked for large type, it disintegrated into illegibility on standard-resolution screens when used as body copy.

Instead, after some focussed research, Roboto was used for the body copy of the site. When used entirely in upper case, Roboto exhibits similar tight horizontal letter spacing and utilitarian-esque nature to Lane. With the added advantages of a range of font weights, and web-specific font files being served by Google, this was decided to be a more than adequate substitution.

“Tom has been a pleasure to work with; he has continued to be receptive to our ideas and the changes that come with them, whilst retaining an understated professional authority through his expertise in web design. I sincerely hope to continue to work with him in the future.”

Liam Evans, Lectures

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