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Hi, I’m Tom.

I’m a UI designer & front-end developer who trained as an architect.

Tom looking moody and artistic

Born in Kent, the Garden of England, I founded Rook Design Ltd. in 2014.

Tom drilling into the timber frame of the Nottingham H.O.U.S.E, wearing a hard hat and sporting badly dyed hair

After building a house (and more than a few models), I graduated with BArch in Architecture from the University of Nottingham in July 2011.

Up on the gullwing roof of a Hawkes-designed house in construction in Horsmonden

I spent a year as architectural assitant at Hawkes Architecture Ltd., best known for the Crossway PassivHaus, which was featured on Grand Designs and became one of Kevin McCloud’s 10 Grandest.

The Halsbury team outside their office in Colwick

Deciding to shift course in the industry rather than return to education, I moved back to Nottingham and started as in-house designer for Halsbury Travel Ltd.

Screenshot from the Halsbury Intranet internal social network

Over two years there I honed my graphic design, identity, and front-end development skills, managing the visual presence of seven brands across a massive spectrum of international trips & tours.

Presentation graphic for Opal Coast, a front-end framework built with Stylus and Gulp

I had the chance at Halsbury to design & develop an internal social network, CRM tools, and my own front-end framework Opal Coast which underpinned these and our client-facing sites.

Logo of Rook Design Ltd.

As my role at Halsbury evolved and I balanced more freelance work, I founded Rook Design, an agency focused on delivering high-quality digital products and bespoke interactive experiences.

Screenshot from the Vision 4 Sport website, featuring a dynamic sports image and the details of a tour package

Born out of East London and now collaborating on two continents, Rook has joined amazing builds like Boom 97.3.

Screenshot of the homepage of the new Kijiji for Business website

In Toronto and working with OneMethod, I had the opportunity to lead a front-end role for incredible clients like Kijiji Dealertalk, Nestlé Canada, and the CFL, with a focus on interactive and engaging UI.

A typical evening at the office

And when we weren’t working we had an ok time.

I’m also in a band. Obviously.

ZIGO performing live. Tom is at the front, jumping high into the air and blurring

We’re called ZIGO, we’ve been playing since the ol’ school days and our mums buy all our records.

You can hear our latest one on Spotify.

Artwork for The Fox by ZIGO

When our bassist is distracted I do our album artwork, and when we’re not recording I do the same for others.


Tom running the London Marathon, wearing pink sunglasses and carrying a sign bearing his own name

Out there in the real world, my proudest achievement is running a marathon.

Tom being charming for the camera

On 22nd April 2012 (I know, let it go) I ran the Virgin London Marathon to raise money for and awareness of Diabetes UK. I was diagnosed with Type 1 in September 2001.

Tom being charming for the camera

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  1. — Senior Developer
  2. — Senior Developer
  3. — UI Developer
  4. — Lead UI developer Oct 15-Aug 16


  • CSS: Stylus, SCSS, SASS
  • JS: ES6, CoffeeScript, JQuery
  • Vue, HTML5, Jade (Pug), PHP
  • Node, Webpack, Gulp, Grunt, Git
  • Django (Python)
  • .NET: C#, VB